Dodger Stadium Reviews Beer Policies; Woman Driven To Eat Sofas

• After a violent assault on a now comatose man by two Dodgers supporters on opening day, the stadium is reviewing its beer and alcohol policy, including its upcoming offer of half-off beers during day games. [NBC]

• Reflecting a growing national trend, one Virginia couple is stockpiling freeze-dried edibles for the looming food price increases/economic collapse/Armageddon/Canadian invasion. First sign of trouble and we’re heading to these people’s house. [LAT]

Patina chef Tony Ensault is partnering with programs A Place Called Home and Santee Education Complex to provide youths a culinary mentoring program. [Huffington Post]

• A Florida woman has a rare disorder that causes her to eat sofas. Yep, you read that correctly. [Daily Mail UK]

• From his headquarters in D.C., chef Jose Andres has started getting political, lobbying for better school lunches and for solutions to child obesity. [The Times Leader]

• A study found that people think food tastes better when it’s labeled “organic.” And when it’s labeled “inorganic,” people generally don’t eat it. [US News & World Report]

• Just like silly social conventions involving when to wear white shoes, some of the rules you may have learned about wine drinking have gone out the window. [WSJ]

• Yet another way that children ruin your life: A study found that mothers of young kids ate more junk food and consumed more calories than childless women. []

Dodger Stadium Reviews Beer Policies; Woman Driven To Eat Sofas