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D.C. Critic Finds RJ Cooper’s NYC Pop-up ‘Infuriating’

Photo: Courtesy of LTO

Jana Erwin of the Washington Examiner is, like, totally outraged that RJ Cooper has the nerve to preview his forthcoming D.C. restaurant, Rogue 24, in New York of all places. That reverse carpetbagger! “If you’re a DC chef opening a DC restaurant why not have your preview in the city who has been supporting you?” she asks. “For the foodies and clients eagerly awaiting Cooper’s 24 course fix prix fare, hearing that NYC and it’s [sic] disdainful outlook on the DC food scene has been given first rights is infuriating.” In fact, the idea that one should travel to New York to experience the $100-$180 meal is “down right insulting to the DC food scene.” She concludes: “RJ Cooper may not have meant to, but he’s inadvertently proving the point of the New York Times: DC’s food scene is too outdated, and the best DC should hope for is the trickle down effect of NYC food trends.”

Brutal. And yet isn’t Erwin herself insulting D.C. when she writes about “the pop up restaurant trend that won’t be hitting DC anytime soon.” Don’t be so pessimistic, Ms. Erwin! D.C. is a town of endless possibilities (even if growlers are illegal there — lame!) Last time we were there, we heard a jazz trio do an awesome cover of “Man in the Mirror” at Johnny’s Half Shell.

Rogue 24 pop up preview in NYC, not DC [Washington Examiner]

D.C. Critic Finds RJ Cooper’s NYC Pop-up ‘Infuriating’