Daniel Boulud Won’t Let a Little Thing Like ‘No Gas’ Prevent Boulud Sud’s Opening

Photo: Getty Images

When Daniel Boulud debuts a new restaurant, he does so with a first-night kickoff event that benefits Citymeals-on-Wheels. And it was in keeping with this tradition that he announced May 2 as the opening night for Boulud Sud on 64th Street. Philanthropic foodies are set to dine next Monday on a menu that includes kataifi-wrapped duck leg, and spice-rubbed lamb loin with honeyed eggplant and braised baby goat ragout. Just one small problem: The restaurant’s gas hasn’t been turned on yet. And a rep for Boulud told us, “Even once gas is flowing the restaurant team needs at least a week of training … so it’s very unlikely now that the restaurant will open on time.” But the charity event will go on.

“I’ve cooked on planes, trains, and boats, in barns, on the beach, on rooftops, under tents, and even out of the trunk of a car,” Boulud tells Grub Street. “Gas or no gas, the show goes on — even if I have to cook with Bunsen burners.” (It probably doesn’t hurt that Bar Boulud’s kitchen is just up the block.) Anyway, for now Boulud Sud’s public opening looks like it will be pushed back about a week, but the charity dinner will go on as planned.

Daniel Boulud Won’t Let a Little Thing Like ‘No Gas’ Prevent