Curtis Stone Searching For An L.A. Restaurant Space

Stone Photo: Bravo

Face it, L.A. loves Australians. To the point where we’ve pretty much just handed Hollywood over to the country’s theater geeks. So it makes some sense that we’ve managed to charm the pants of off chef Curtis Stone, the dreamy Surfing the Menu author who sort of looks like he grew up surfing in San Clemente. The Aussie, an acolyte of London’s volatile talent Marco Pierre White who is now found hosting Top Chef Masters, tells YumSugar that he’s going to open a restaurant in L.A. “later this year.” What says Stone?

Today the handsome chef explains, “I’m going to open a restaurant later this year in LA. I haven’t chosen a name or decided on a location, but I’m coming back to town tonight to keep looking at spaces. I’m hoping to have something open later this year. I want a nice little place, where you can still cook for people the way you want to — have a lot of flexibility. I want it to be relaxed and special; I think 40 or 50 seats would see me out.”

Already, this personal project sounds like a refreshing change from the steady downpour of old names we see bringing their empire expansions to L.A. It will be particularly exciting to see if Curtis, who hasn’t run his own restaurant in a few years, will be in the kitchen in between shoots and what he prepares for Angelenos. And hey, since the guy is already hanging around our sets, he might as well do some cooking for us, too. So welcome, Curtis. Now let’s just see if we can’t find you a better “favorite taco” than Pinches.

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Curtis Stone Searching For An L.A. Restaurant Space