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Charlie Sheen Didn’t Partake of Daniel’s ‘Possessed’ Wine List This Time Around

Months after the bathroom incident, Charlie Sheen is still a fan of Daniel, per some bootleg footage from his Friday-night show at Radio City Music Hall. Sheen told the crowd, “It all started at the best fucking restaurant in town, Daniel (that place rocks — their wine is possessed), where this gorgeous yet overpaid hosebag drank twenty grand worth of ‘66 Latour.” Not that he was heading to Daniel after the show: He was due at Jersey’s finest nightclub, Dragonfly, where Examiner.com reports he was to meet up with — who else? — Ronnie from Jersey Shore. And according to the Troy Report, he spent Sunday night partying down at Veranda. A far cry from a private room at Daniel. We just want to know whether Sheen got his description of a ’66 Latour straight from Daniel’s sommelier: “It’s a vintage Bordeaux, not some Napa Valley urine.”

Charlie Sheen Didn’t Partake of Daniel’s ‘Possessed’