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Burritofication Continues Its Spread Through The Southland

Chipotle is coming to Redondo Beach
Chipotle is coming to Redondo Beach Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Past warnings aside, Chipotle’s whole “Burritofication” thing is turning out to be no joke. The sustainable burrito chain is really spreading rapidly through L.A. On April 16th, Chipotle unveiled its first Downtown store, with a new location at Seventh and Grand serving burrito bowls and the like. In addition, a local rep for Chipotle announces another opening this Saturday, April 30th, in Toluca Lake, the second store to come to the Burbank area. And now down in the South Bay, we see the above Chipotle about to open in Redondo Beach, just about a mile from another Chipotle in Manhattan Beach. And these are just the ones we currently know about. Update: A reader writes to tell us about another Chipotle coming to town, this one to the former Baja Fresh space on Brentwood’s San Vicente.

Sure, it’s hard to beef with the sustainable practices recently embraced by the chain, but we still live in Southern California, where better, more personal burritos, albethem not quite as healthy, beckon from every block. In other words, if you love Chiptole, many congratulations on the news. Let’s just not forget our many mom-and-pops out there as we watch Chipotle become our version of Mexican McDonald’s.

Chipotle, coming to 1430 S. PCH Redondo Beach.
Chipotle, opening April 30th at the corners of Riverside Drive and N. Pass Avenue
Chipotle, now open at 601 W. 7th St. Downtown.

Burritofication Continues Its Spread Through The Southland