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Bistrot La Minette Updates Its Menu For Spring

Bistrot La Minette
Bistrot La Minette Photo: Courtesy Bistrot La Minette

Tonight Peter Woolsey will launch a new spring menu at Bistrot La Minette. He’s been quietly slipping some of the new dishes in here and there since last weekend, but will unveil the new complete bill of fare tonight. “We’re focusing on a lot of mushrooms for the season, Woolsey told Grub Street. “Obviously we’re paying a lot of attention to fresh spring vegetables — the favas, the ramps, the peas and the asparagus — but it’s not just a seasonal twist on the same old dishes. Most are completely new.”

“I’m trying to make people know that as the each day gets a little warmer and a little brighter they can take those feelings and eat them up at night,” he added while laughing.

Though his new artichoke and porcini soup that’s finished with crème fraiche is “pretty straight forward,” Woolsey insists it’s still “pretty decadent stuff.” From his recent round of collaborations with French chef Joseph Viola for the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, he was inspired to change his pate dish to a pate en croute. He’s thrilled with how his Bouche a la reine, a type of vol-au-vent, but rather than being filled with seafood, his is filled with morels, royal trumpet mushrooms and finished with a juracian wine. He’s also added fresh grilled sardines with lemon vinaigrette and roasted red peppers, and swapped out his cassoulet with Navarin printanier, a lamb stew with spring vegetables. Beef Bourguignon has been replaced with a pan roasted steak served with porcini mushrooms and ramps. And a pan roasted monkfish a la Nicoise replaces his duck-fat poached salmon.

Bistrot La Minette Updates Its Menu For Spring