Let's Do Brunch

Bayless Brings Sunday Brunch to Red O

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Yesterday, Red O started serving a Sunday brunch menu full of Bayless-y breakfast foods and Mexican-ish morning cocktails, designed by the Chicago chef to be available at the restaurant every Sunday at 11:00 A.M. The menu wisely begins with aguas frescas, as perfect a hangover remedy as any we’ve tried, while those dying to keep the fiesta at Rick’s still going can opt for Steve Calabro’s rye-laced Red O lemonade, Beluga vodka and roasted tomato Bloody Marys, and sangria with Wild Turkey. And to eat?

Bayless hatched a new menu with tomatillo-doused huevos rancheros, guajillo-spiced chilaquiles, and huevos Montulenos, a Yucatan-originated blend of country ham, fried eggs, peas, and plantains, among several other ingredients, on a tostada, each item falling in at around ten to twelve dollars. The items most likely to make purists and taco-hounds bark? The $28 steak and eggs could almost do it, but its more likely the short selection of tacos al carbon, priced at roughly ten to twenty times the going rate for street tacos, of which these are definitely not. But still… Anyway, check out Red O’s full Sunday brunch menu below and make reservations at 323-655-5009.

All coffee products are Illy Coffee

Aguas Frescas $3.50
Jugos Naturales fresh squeezed juice of the day 4
Regular or Decaf Coffee 3
Espresso single $4 double 6
Cappuccino 4.50
Latte $4.50

Mimosa 11
Prosecco & fresh squeezed orange juice

Champagne Cocktail 12
Prosecco, sugar, prickly pear puree & Gingercello, served with a lemon twist

Bellini $12
Prosecco, white peach puree, fresh squeezed blood orange juice

Red O Lemonade $12
sweet rye, Veev, lemongrass syrup & fresh squeezed lemon juice,
served with a “Red O” sugar rim

Roasted Bloody Mary $12
Beluga vodka, roasted red & yellow tomatoes, roasted garlic, freshly grated & creamed horseradish, Worcestershire, Tabasco, chipotle & dark Mexican beer

Beso del Diablo Mojito $12
Bacardi white rum, fresh mint, agave syrup & strawberry-jalapeno gastrique

Luxardo Cherry & Maple Syrup Caipirinha $12
Luxardo cherries, fresh limes, 100% Vermont maple syrup, Sagatiba white cachaca.
served on the rocks, no straw!

Sangria Blanca $13
dry Riesling, Wild Turkey honey liquor, apples, pineapple, oranges, & seasonal stone fruits, topped with a splash of Prosecco Brunch


»Classic Guacamole freshly made, chunky, with warm chips & salsa 9

Huevos Montulenos $12
Two fried eggs on a crispy tostada with roasted tomatoes, country ham, peas, sweet fried plantains, queso fresco & black beans

Huevos Rancheros Verdes $11
sunny-side up eggs, roasted green tomatillo sauce, fresh baked corn tortillas,
black beans, homemade fresh cheese, watercress

Chilaquiles al Guajillo $11
quick simmered tortilla “casserole” with rustic red guajillo chile sauce, homemade crema,
aged Mexican cheese, sunny-side up egg & tangy baby greens
add chicken breast 14

Organic Hot Cakes $12
stone ground corn pancakes with whipped goat cheese, organic syrup, applewood-smoked bacon & two sunny-side up eggs

Huevos a la Mexicana $9.50
eggs scrambled with fresh tomatoes, serranos, grilled green onions, cilantro & avocado,
served with black beans & salsa verde
add chorizo $11
add grilled gulf shrimp $12

Steak & Eggs $28
8-ounce Prime All-Natural Certified Angus NY Strip cooked over the coals,
fried plantains with sweet crema & queso fresco, & two eggs any style

Grilled Mazatlan Blue Shrimp $13
avocado-lime mash, heirloom tomatoes, smoky knob onions, cilantro

Charcoaled All-Natural Certified Angus Skirt Steak $13
red guajillo chile salsa, crispy onions

Dungeness Crab 14
tomatillo-avocado salsa, grilled pineapple & knob onion

Ceviches & Escabeches
Albacore $15
sun-dried tomato, manzanilla olives, serrano chile, jícama

Steamed Mexican Shrimp & Calamares $16
sour orange, habanero, cucumber, jícama, avocado, cilantro, plantain chips

Yellow Fin Tuna $16
cilantro-serrano “chimichurri”, cucumber, avocado

Woodland Mushroom Escabeche 12
roasted poblano, caramelized onion, sherry vinegar

Cilantro Caesar $11
young organic greens, cilantro, garlic croutons & dry Jack cheese,
creamy lime-serrano dressing

The Red O Salad $12
frisee & arugula salad with Lady Gala apples, Mexican papaya, Manchego cheese, cider vinaigrette, pepitas, toasted ancho

Steak & Heirloom Tomato Salad $15
honey mango, guajillo chile dressing, wood-grilled scallions, grilled All Natural Certified Angus skirt steak

Classic Tortilla Soup $10
grilled Mary’s chicken, crispy tortillas, Sonoma Jack cheese,
avocado, thick cream, toasted pasilla negro chile

Enchiladas Tacos al Carbon

Enchiladas Suizas
creamy roasted tomatillo sauce, fresh-made corn tortillas, melted Sonoma Jack, black beans, ensaladita

Grilled Mary’s Chicken19
Crab & Shrimp 22

Tacos al Carbon
wood-grilled & served with homemade corn tortillas & roasted poblano rajas
for making soft tacos. Bacon-flavored charro beans, grilled knob onions, salsas

Yucatecan Spice-Marinated All-Natural Certified Angus Beef Skirt Steak $19

Garlic-Marinated Mary’s Chicken $18

Garlic-Marinated Ahi Tuna $22

Adobo-Marinated Shrimp $20

Bayless Brings Sunday Brunch to Red O