Bar on Church Space to Become Churchill, and a Gay Bar No More

Churchill will have a WWII theme when it opens in two weeks.
Churchill will have a WWII theme when it opens in two weeks. Photo: Grub Street

We’ve been watching the Bar on Church space since it got snapped up by the Bloodhound/Double Dutch boys, assuming that they were going to open a mostly hetero-friendly establishment with decent cocktails, on the model of their other establishments. Now Eater confirms that the place will have an upscale cocktail menu, and it will be called Churchill (after Church Street, we suppose, and Winston) and will take on a World War II theme. Attempts to contact co-owner Mike Goebel haven’t been too successful, but it seems clear that the intention here is to replicate the Bloodhound model, with pool table, on a slightly different theme. We’re just wondering how long it will be before Anna Conda et al take note of the loss of another formerly queer space — as she has very vocally with the Eagle Tavern — and launch a counter-offensive.

They’ve brought some more light into the space, added some wood siding from a reclaimed barn (kind of a recent design trend), offer ten beers on tap, and Goebel says they’re taking the bar in “an early World War II direction.” Doesn’t sound so gay, right?

For a number of years, the space at Church and 14th Street has been a gay establishment, both as The Transfer playing host to a number of popular parties, and as the Bar on Church when owner Greg Bronstein relocated his popular Bar on Castro two year ago. Without any new vision for the space, and without the help of established party promoters, the Bar on Church faltered, and in came the Bloodhound gang. They expect to open in about two weeks, around May 11.

The history of the space and the proximity of a large LGBT population may mean that this will become an ersatz gay bar, whether the owners try to make it so or not — much the way Blackbird has, albeit under gay ownership. Then again, there could end up being a turf war between the gays and the more bro-tastic twentysomething crowd that frequents the nearby Double Dutch and likes to get radically drunk at Lime’s popular all-you-can-drink brunch, so this could get interesting.

Bloodhound Guys’ New Castro Bar Will Be Called Churchill
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Bar on Church Space to Become Churchill, and a Gay Bar No More