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Aviary Set to Open on April 13

Almost there...
Almost there… Photo: courtesy of YouTube

Though announced at the same time and located next door to each other, Aviary wasn’t quite ready to open when Next did on Wednesday. Grant Achatz tweeted that it was delayed “slightly” because he wanted to “make it great.” We had heard that it was delayed for about a week, and Frank Sennett from Time Out Chicago now confirms that the opening date for the bar will be April 13. He also was able to get a few more details out of Nick Kokonas about the space, the prices, and the hedges. Yes, there will be hedges.

200 people will be able to visit the bar at one time, and the prices for drinks will be “around” $16. Interestingly, he claimed that each drink will be “a half-hour experience from ordering to finishing.” Don’t think about ordering shots. There will also be an outdoor patio during the summer, which will only be available by reservation. To get into the restaurant, there are plans for “an English-style hedge,” which is where people will wait until they are able to get inside the restaurant. Crazy!

Sennett also had some details for Office, the more traditional cocktail bar in the basement. Of course, you can only get in there by invitation, which means most of us have a better shot at scoring a ticket on Next’s reservation system than getting an invite. Oh well, we can hope, can’t we?

Grant Achatz’s Aviary set to take flight April 13 [Time Out Chicago]

Aviary Set to Open on April 13