A&P to Sell Off 25 Superfresh Markets; Padma’s Baby Won’t Eat Baby Food!

• Two men were taken into custody yesterday after holding a deli clerk hostage inside an Atlantic City convenience store. [NBC Philadelphia]

• Four people are suing Campbell’s Soup, claiming the company’s low-sodium soup has the same sodium content as its regular soup. [NBC Philadelphia]

• The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Inc. is seeking approval from U.S. Bankruptcy Court to sell off 25 Superfresh stores. [Action News]

• First there was Elvis on a potato chip, now it’s Kate Middleton on a jelly bean. Can this wedding please just happen already? [NPR]

• McDonald’s Canada is now accepting Monopoly money to promote the return of its Monopoly game. We’d insert a joke about the Canadian dollar, but it’s actually on par with the American dollar right now. [Consumerist]

• Padma’s baby does not eat baby food! The idea. Little Krishna only dines on “mushy” Indian food. [Ok]

• Researchers found that 47 percent of supermarket meat and poultry contained Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, much of it antibiotic-resistant. Awesome! [AZ Central]

• You could go vegetarian, but know that VegNews magazine has such a nonexistent photo budget it’s using stock meat photos to represent fake meat. [Slashfood]

• She might be kind of annoying yapping on about her culinary endeavors, but poor Gwyneth Paltrow had no choice but to publish that cookbook: Food media is the next logical step for over-the-hill actresses these days. [WSJ]

A&P to Sell Off 25 Superfresh Markets; Padma’s Baby Won’t Eat Baby Food!