Angel’s Celebrates The Demon Weed In Its Own ‘Reefer Room’

Photo: Angel’s

Pot-themed parties are probably a little redundant in L.A., where a real-life hash bar thrives on the beach and middle school students dose teachers with extra-strength chocolate Hubby Bars. But we do we spy at least two 4/20 parties going down at a restaurant and club in town.

The Viper Room is holding a “Good Karma Music” jam tonight in Hollywood, featuring tunes by Kounterfeit Change with Brian Bell, Honest Expression, and Trewone starting at 8:00 P.M. with tickets priced at just a dime.

In Santa Monica, Angel’s is promising “drug-crazed abandon” during its tongue-in-cheek Reefer Madness throw-down. Starting tonight at 9:00 P.M., the Santa Monica supper club offers a specially conceived “reefer den” where they’ll be showing old propaganda films that depict the evils of weed while serving psychedelic beats from DJ Mark”ihuana” Maxwell, and a menu of cocktails like the ten dollar Mary Janes’ Addiction and eats like a munchie tray with PB&J;, Skittles, and Doritos for five bucks. And while actual marijuana, whether in edible, drinkable, or smokeable form, is not on offer, the full bar will be in effect in case you don’t know a guy who knows a guy. Either way, you’ll probably get hungry tonight, so check out Angel’s full menu below.

Angel’s Celebrates The Demon Weed In Its Own ‘Reefer Room’