Amis Hosts Gabrielle Hamilton For Its Monthly Industry Night Tonight

Gabrielle Hamilton in her kitchen at Prune.
Gabrielle Hamilton in her kitchen at Prune. Photo: Melissa Hom

Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef and owner of New York’s always crowded Prune, says that one of the highlights of her whirlwind book tour in support of her New York Times best-seller Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef has been the eating. Not so much in the sense that she’s been dining at posh restaurants while traveling the country, but that she’s been able to leisurely enjoy a meal in a relaxed setting. “I’ve been eating every meal sitting down and with utensils,” Hamilton told Grub Street. “It’s a lot different than my regular life, where I’m always squatting down on a mat eating with my bare hands out of a pint container.” This past weekend she turned up at Pumpkin for a First Person Arts event, and tonight will join the Vetri crew at Amis for its monthly industry only party.

Tonight Amis chef Brad Spence and his team will recreate the family lamb roasts that Hamilton describes in detail in the first chapter of Blood, Bones & Butter. “I don’t really cook much while I’m on this book tour,” she said. “The best thing for me to do is just show up and do my book thing.”

So at tonight’s party, she will be mostly on the patron side of Amis’ open kitchen.

“These chefs can probably do it a lot better than I can,” Hamilton jokes. “And I’m all for having my meal prepared better than I ever could.”

Along with the lamb roast, Amis will have 150 copies of Blood, Bones & Butter available for the first 150 guests to show up. Hamilton will be standing by to sign copies. Amis owner Marc Vetri was so enamored by the book when he first read it, he decided to buy 150 copies to give out at tonight’s event.

As always, Amis’ Industry Night gets underway 10 p.m. Food is free and drinks are cheap, provided you have a current pay stub from a restaurant to gain entry.

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Amis Hosts Gabrielle Hamilton For Its Monthly Industry Night Tonight