A Look at Marcos Tello’s New Spring Menu at The 1886 Bar at the Raymond

The Tequila Daisy 2.0 with strawberry foam
The Tequila Daisy 2.0 with strawberry foam Photo: The 1886 Bar at The Raymond

Marcos Tello and his crew of bartenders are dropping a new spring cocktail menu today at The 1886 Bar at The Raymond, featuring fourteen new libations under four categories: coffee and tea-infused “stirred” drinks, light “shaken” cocktails, “regional” classics, and a “seasonal” selection heavy on strawberries and in season fruit. In addition, the bar has a historic punch and also plans to introduce one aged cocktail in May. Like the drink menu at Cana Rum Bar, each drink comes with its own short story, whether it’s the Brown Derby legacy of the Honeymoon cocktail, the Raymond’s own 125-year-old champagne punch, the Mexican origins of the Saladito, or how a drink came to be named after Mamie Taylor. Take a look below at the new spring cocktails from Tello and team at The 1886 Bar at The Raymond.


Frozen Apple Toddy
Lost in the tombs of history and unearthed by 1886 bartender Brady Weise. One of the original house cocktails from the The Raymond Hotel in 1890, our version is of Apple-infused Cognac and house made Lavender Syrup - served “Frozen”!

Pimm’s “No.8” Cup
Back in the 1880’s there were many different variations of Pimm’s Bottled Cocktails, most of which have been lost through the ages. Last season we re-created the Pimm’s Cup with Tequila…This one is house made with Bourbon!

Honeymoon Cocktail
One of the house cocktails from the Brown Derby Chain in Los Angeles, and the first of which was established in 1926. This lovely arrangement of Applejack, Benedictine, Curacao, and Lemon will transport you back to Tinsel Town’s Gilded Days!

1886 Champagne Punch
That’s right, the original is back and hasn’t been served up in 125 years… Our version is of a recipe served during one of the opening events at The Raymond Hotel (November 20
th, 1886)! A decadent assortment of house made Strawberry Shrub and bubbled over with Champagne - Best enjoyed in groups! (Serves 6)


Crushed Strawberry Fizz
Strawberries are in season and we thought we’d celebrate them in the form of a “Fizz’. A delicious dram of house made Strawberry Syrup, Gin, Lemon, and Egg Whites. Cheers!

Southern Belle
This seasonal delight comes to us by way of Barman Extraordinaire, Vincenzo Marianella. An intoxicating blend of fresh muddled Kumquats and Mint mixed with house made Vanilla Syrup, Licor 43, and Bourbon.

Tequila Daisy 2.0
The literal translation of “Daisy” from English to Spanish is “Margarita”, hinting to the etymology of how it got its name. However, 1886’s molecular wizard Greg Gertmenian has dreamt up this play on Tequila, Cointreau, and Lime with “Strawberry” Foam!

Swedish Crush
This drink incorporates a lost ingredient from the 1700’s in “Swedish Punsch”, which was resurrected by 1886 barman Garrett McKechnie. We make our version from scratch and combine it with Cognac, Rum, and Pomegranate to bring you this very appropriate “Spring Cooler”!


A liquid, childhood memory of enjoying “Saladito’s”, (a spiced Mexican candy) on a sunny Spring day in Los Angeles, and brought to you by Marcos Tello in a loving display of Mescal, Lime, Honey, Salt, & Chile with a “Surprise” on the side!

This one is by our very good friend and master of everything delicious - Alex Day! This is a refreshing aperitivo which consists of Gin, Aperol, and Grapefruit.

Fish House Punch
Named after the Fish House Club in Philadelphia, and founded in 1732. A club dedicated to angling and gastronomy, it is said that George Washington’s blank journal pages were a result of the “Fish House Punch” he had on those nights. We’ve made a single serving version of it incorporating Rum, Cognac, Peach and Nutmeg just for you!

Mamie Taylor
Named after, a long, but forgotten, Broadway actress and singer. However, since we like to remember the past while keeping our sights on the future: Scotch, Ginger, and Spice give the backbone for this fancy “High Ball”. Here’s to the memories!


Reunion Island Cocktail
Taking its name from the “Noble Tree” that Dutch explorers took from Java, and whose offspring was planted on Reunion Island in the French Caribbean. This tribute of Bols Genever, Coffee infused Gran Classico, and Carpano Antica, by barista and 1886 bartender Laura Lindsay, pays homage to the role the Dutch played in the spread of Coffee and Spices around the world.

Ursulines Breakfast Cocktail
Named after the street in New Orleans it was conceived on, and taking its nod from many mornings of delicious Chicory Coffee. Taking notes from the “Sazerac Cocktail”, we present a stirred seduction of Chicory Coffee infused Rye Whiskey, Sugar, Creole Bitters, and Herbsaint.

Sangre del Agave
Keeping with our exploration of Tea and Coffee, this time around the libation mistress Lacey Murillo has decided to take her inspiration from Italian Blood Orange Tea. She has infused this into Anejo Tequila and combined it with Lillet Blanc, Amaro Lucano, and Benedictine… “Thrown”, not stirred!

Vintage Caprice
An aged cocktail debuting in May

A Look at Marcos Tello’s New Spring Menu at The 1886 Bar at the Raymond