A Good Bagel in S.F.? You Don’t Say.

Photo: House of Bagels

CBS attempts to revive this old chestnut: a listicle of where to find good bagels in S.F. The problem? It’s only three stores long [Update: they just added two, and one of them is Noah’s]. They highlight House of Bagel (which many have argued for years is the only decent bagel this side of the Hudson River), Noe Bagel, and Holey Bagel — the latter two both in Noe Valley. Now, we won’t claim that Katz’s is all that, but those bagels are pretty solid in a bagel-deprived town such as this, especially when fresh, as are their spreads. One of the main problems with bagel shops in S.F. is that they don’t do the same volume as their NYC equivalents, and therefore most times of day what you get is already stale.

Everybody loved Roland’s, which shuttered last year in the Lower Haight over a landlord dispute, only to briefly reappear in Hayes Valley, and disappear amid some big beef with a partner at Terra. We can only hope Philip Roland will return with his magic recipe somewhere, someday.

We stand by the fact that Posh Bagel, even though they do some sacrilegious and totally Cali varieties like jalapeño and pesto bagels, are still decent and a step ahead of Noah’s in flavor and texture.

Also, Marin Bagel Company makes wholesale bagels you can find at various fancy grocers around the Bay, though some find them too sweet. And a CBS commenter points us to Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels in Palo Alto, which we’ll have to try.

San Francisco’s Best Bagel Stores
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A Good Bagel in S.F.? You Don’t Say.