Wolfgang Puck Sued by Server for Age Discrimination

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Scandal-plagued Wolfgang Puck is being sued again, TMZ reports. This time, the offended party is 52-year-old server David Kallman, who claims that whippersnapper waiters at Puck’s swank Beverly Hills steakhouse mocked him because he’s old.

Kallman says he was offed by Cut execs after enduring a barrage of insults while on the job. Apparently, his coworkers taunted him with cruel names like “old man” and “pops.” They also made “grim jokes” about his longevity, such as: It’s not like you’ll be around too long. Kids can be so mean.

The well-seasoned waiter filed a $25,000 lawsuit against Wolfgang Puck Worldwide Inc. But somehow we think Puck will emerge from this grave melodrama unscathed. After all, he’s endured almost as many lawsuits as he has restaurant openings. There was that time he sued another restaurant-industry Wolfgang for brand confusion. Then his wife dared to insult Anna Wintour. And who can forget the hapless diner who sued after slipping into a puddle of urine and feces at Spago? (Don’t get any ideas, Cut pranksters!)

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Wolfgang Puck Sued by Server for Age Discrimination