Will Fox and Obel Be Evicted?

Hopefully staying open.
Hopefully staying open. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

Chicago isn’t exactly known as a city with numerous great food markets, but when the Tribune’s food critic, Phil Vettel, had to think of one market that he thought came the closest to that ideal, he went with Fox & Obel in Streeterville. Unfortunately, we just learned that it may not be around for long. According to Crain’s, the store may be evicted due to falling behind on its $79,900 a month rent. Lawyers for the grocery store claim that “the eviction matter is on hold for the short term,” and that the store will stay open. But things don’t look particularly good at the moment.

The North Pier Terminal, which houses the market, is currently behind in its rent by a total of $330,600. Also, the wholesaler, Anthony Marano Co., has sued seeking payment for $7,7000 worth of produce. When it was built in 2001 in Streeterville, Fox & Obel was one of the only grocery options in the area, but since then a Trader Joe’s and a Dominick’s have opened, possibly hurting its business.

Still, we are going to hope that Fox & Obel’s lawyers are right and that “a temporary truce has been negotiated.” Sure, it isn’t quite as impressive as the newly opened Eataly in New York, but few things are. Of course, when was the last time you stopped by?

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Will Fox and Obel Be Evicted?