The Great Outdoors

Where to Eat and Drink in the Great Outdoors

Graffiti Bar's new neon sign.
Graffiti Bar’s new neon sign. Photo: Courtesy Sampan

Get outdoors while you can, because all this sunshine and mild temperatures won’t last too long. Temperatures are expected to dip next week and there’s rain in the forecast too. Graffiti Bar, the outdoor space behind Sampan, which just erected a new neon sign on 13th Street pointing the way out back, isn’t letting the temperate climes go to waste. Chef-owner Michael Schulson says that he’s giving in to popular demand and bringing back Scorpion Bowls. He’s also serving up “large cannned beers” — 32 oz. Sapporo, 33.8 oz. Asahi Super Dry, 24 oz. Modelo and more. And he has an all new menu with Korean BBQ beef satay, General Tso soup dumplings and tuna rice crackers.

Continental in Old City started setting up tables and chairs outside yesterday, and today Continental Mid-town opened up its rooftop outdoor space.

The Pub on Passyunk East is serving food and drink streetside, and pouring Bell’s Hopslam and Russian River Supplication.

• Earlier today, Grub Street spotted tables set up from Cantina Los Caballitos’ front door all the way down to the corner of Passyunk and Morris.

Adsum is serving new menu items outdoors tonight.

Fond is taking reservations for its outdoor seats.

Where to Eat and Drink in the Great Outdoors