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What Will the Waterfront Dining Scene Look Like in 2012?

As Daily Intel points out, the city is presenting its three-year action plan for waterfront rehabilitation today. If you’re hoping for floating eateries à la Frying Pan (which is returning for a day this week), a look at the document may disappoint you, since there are only a few food and beverage projects on the docket. First, it was previously reported that a 4,000-square-foot restaurant would open at Pier 15 (between Maiden Lane and Wall Street) this summer, but the current timetable has the project being completed in 2012. Meanwhile, uptown a waterfront restaurant three years in the making is getting a 2012 completion date as well.

The Parks Department is overseeing the construction of a new restaurant at Dyckman Street Marina in Inwood — home to what was perhaps the city’s wildest outdoor nightclub and café, La Marina (the Times chronicled its roaming chickens, water scooters, and noise complaints) until the concessionaire was reportedly busted for drug dealing in 2006 (before that it was Tubby Hook Café). According to the Manhattan Times, the Hudson River Group (a lawyer, marina expert, and chef) broke ground on what will be called the Manhattan River Club (featuring open-air cafés Costera and 315, plus a snack stand named Bocados) just last October. They were hoping to open it this season, but don’t hold your breath: A sewage system will have to be installed, and the city’s plan calls for the project to be completed next year.

Other than that, there are the restaurants that were recently announced for Pier A, and a possible “retail facility/catering hall” at Rockaway’s scrappy Beach 80th Street Marina.

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What Will the Waterfront Dining Scene Look Like in 2012?