What to Eat at Nojo, Opening Wednesday in Hayes Valley

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Gregory Dunmore first got his taste of yakitori not in Tokyo, but in Atlanta when he was taken to Yakitori Denchan, which is no longer there. He later relocated to St. Helena, where he went to work for Hiro Sone at Terra, and later became executive chef of Ame and furthered his culinary research of Japan. “Sushi, who doesn’t love sushi?” writes Dunmore. “But there is something about the flavors of cooked Japanese food that appeals to my soul.” On Wednesday, March 30, the one-time Chron Rising Star opens Nojo, his own casual yakitori joint on Franklin Street (near Hayes), in the same new building that houses The Grove. The name, Nojo, means “farm” in Japanese. Check out the menu below, complete with eight different chicken skewer options.

The menu will change slightly each day, based on seasonal ingredients and what’s available, meat-wise, at the market. And as promised, Humphry Slocombe is contributing heavily to the dessert menu with two new Japanese-inspired ice cream flavors: black sesame and miso. Below, the menu, and click over here for the sake, wine, and beer list.

On a stick (one stick unless noted)

Chikin (Chicken)

Breast, Wasabi Leaves & Avocado 3.25

Breast, Umeboshi 3.50

Tender, Green Onion & Tare 3.75

Thigh, Green Onions, Sea Salt & Lemon 3.25

Thigh, Green Onion & Tare 3.25

Wings, Shichimi, Lemon & Sea Salt 3.75

Skin, Sea Salt & Meyer Lemon 3.00

Tsukune, Egg Yolk Sauce 5.50

Dakku (Duck)

Thigh, Calcot Onion & Tare 5.50

Tsukune, Ume Boshi Sauce 6.00

Kushiyaki (Other)

Prawns, Onion & Chickweed 4.50

Beef Tongue, Tare & Shichimi 4.00

Miso Glazed Pork Belly 3.50

Rice Ball, Tare 3.50

Not on a stick

Assorted Spring Tsukimono - 5.00

Tempura Baby Broccoli, Wide Neck Chard, Spicy Ponzu Mayonnaise - 8.00

Pickled Avocado Salad, Nori & Shichimi - 8.50

Escarole, Lemon-Soy Vinaigrette & Onion Sprouts - 9.50

Little Gems, Carrots, Sunchokes & Beets, Ponzu Dressing - 9.50

Trout Tartare, Chiles, Daikon & Sesame Crackers - 12.00

Roasted Asparagus, Eryngii Mushrooms & Kimizu - 9.50

Chawanmushi, Dungeness Crab & Green Garlic - 12.00

Miso Soup, Spring Vegetables & Tofu - 8.00

Pan Fried Gyoza, Yoko’s Miso & Sesame Sauce - 8.50

Genghis Khan Lamb Riblets, Griddled Onions, Pea Shoots & Sesame Sauce - 15.50

Chicken Thigh Katsu, Warm Salad of Shiitake Mushroom and Napa Cabbage - 19.50

Beef Cheek Nikujaga, Japanese-style Pot Roast - 17.50

White Miso Glazed Trout, Soft Leeks & Black Trumpet Mushrooms - 16.00


Humphry Slocombe black sesame ice cream, itrog sauce, peanut thunder crackers 7.00

Buckwheat crepes, ginger muscovado syrup, white miso ice cream 7.00

Almond milk yogurt panna cotta, kiwi, matcha tea short bread - 7.00

Chocolate roll cake, umeboshi cream, shiso - 5.50

Nojo - 231 Franklin Street, San Francisco - 415.896.4587 - Opening Wednesday, March 30. Regular hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 5 to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 5 to 11 p.m., closed Tuesdays.

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What to Eat at Nojo, Opening Wednesday in Hayes Valley