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What to Eat at Elate with New Executive Chef Chris Curren

Elate gets a new menu.
Elate gets a new menu. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

Back in January we found out that Blue 13’s executive chef, Chris Curren, was going to branch out and also work for Elate in the Hotel Felix. It’s taken two months, but the updated menu finally launched on Friday. It is certainly different than what Elate had before, which featured an odd assortment of oysters, charcuterie, starters, entrees, and pizza. Most of those dishes remain on the lunch menu, but things have changed for dinner. Curren has stripped the menu down to four small plates and four entrees, discarding the rather confusing former menu. So what can you expect?

Like seemingly all restaurant openings this year, oysters are available as a starter, along with a selection of charcuterie, but those were also available on the last menu. It’s with the small plates and entrées that you can really tell the difference. To be sure, there are no burgers or roasted chicken dishes to be found here. Proportionally, fish seems to play a bigger roll. Also, the menu looks more composed and elegant. Following that trend, there are now two tasting menus available, $85 for a five courses and $120 for a seven courses.

Check it out for yourself below.

Elate, 111 W Huron St, Chicago, IL 60654; (312) 202-9900

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What to Eat at Elate with New Executive Chef Chris Curren