The Other Critics


Photo: courtesy of The Doughnut Vault

We’re not feeling too sorry for the Globe doughnut taste tester who was required to brave early mornings in search of the area’s all-time best doughnuts. Sixteen independent shops — no Dunkin’ here — are part of the roundup. Spoiler alert: It was Ohlin’s, in Belmont — specifically their chocolate, maple and honey-dipped ‘nuts — that took the, er, cake.

At just 93 cents each, the doughnuts at Ohlin’s are a deal. But don’t expect seating. Like many of the smaller shops, this is a bakery that wasn’t built for lingering. What’s the big deal? We always prefer to eat our dozen in the car, anyway.

The taste test also confirms that long-time hot spot Verna’s Coffee and Donut Shop is still wowing customers. As is Lyndell’s, where the Globe says it’s found one of the best honey-dipped out there. These long standing doughnut makers clearly know their craft. Although Flour doughnuts are tasty, the Globe rightfully points out they’re more like a pastry. And at nearly three bucks a pop, “I’ll take a dozen” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily.

Indie Doughnuts With Big-Time Taste [Globe]