Watch Out for the Grahambulance!

It's called the Grahambulance.
It’s called the Grahambulance. Photo: GrahamElliot/Flickr

We suppose it was only a matter of time until Graham Elliot got into the food truck game, but still we weren’t quite prepared for this. Yesterday he tweeted a picture of his new potential food mobile, dubbed the Grahambulance. Yes, that is a VW Wagon. Unfortunately, it looks like the name is the best part. Because of the city’s incredibly tough food truck laws, which prohibit cooking in the unit, the truck will basically function as a fancy delivery truck for Grahamwich events. Still, we’d be happy to just see this thing rolling around town, which it plans to do in June. But that isn’t the only good news for Elliot.

Metromix just announced that Grahamwich won “Best New Lunch Spot,” beating out Pret a Manger, Westminister Hot Dog, Jersey Mike’s, and Which Wich. While it won’t magically erase some of those stinging reviews, it at least shows that the shop has some die hard fans.

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Watch Out for the Grahambulance!