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Tonight Vetri Goes All Prix Fixe All the Time

Marc Vetri and Jeff Benjimen
Marc Vetri and Jeff Benjimen Photo: Collin Keefe

Back in February we mentioned that Marc Vetri was pulling the plug on his eponymous Spruce Street restaurant’s a la carte option, and would soon offer only tasting menus. Tonight that menu change goes into effect. As the final a la carte orders left the kitchen last night, Vetri popped the cork on a bottle of Cristal and with his crew toasted to the beginning of a new chapter at his restaurant. “If it’s nice out we’re going to have a little string quartet perform outside,” Vetri told Grub Street about how he plans to usher in the menu changes tonight. “If it’s cold we’ll have them squeeze into the vestibule.”

Vetri and his chef de cuisine Adam Leonti spent the past month drawing up the new tasting menu, which he said will change somewhat frequently. It features a variety of fish, pasta and vegetarian offerings, which he said he and his staff can fine tune for each diners preferences. In addition to the menu items, guests will be treated to complimentary sparkling wine and a variety of house-cured salumi and charcuterie and other stuzzichini selectiosn as they peruse the menu.

Aperitivo e assagi

di Pesce (fish)

kindai tuna and swordfish carpaccio
squid and artichoke gallette
lobster and artichoke risotto
paccheri with mackerel and peppers
broccoli agnelloti with bottarga creme
Whole fish “secondo il mercato”

di Terra (from the earth)

foie gras pastramil with brioche
duck and radicchio crespelle
sweetbreads with broccolini and radish
mint pappardelle with lamb ragu
Casoncelli with sage and pancetta
Cavatelli with braised short rib, celery
Baby goat with freshly stone milled polenta
Stuffed guinea hen with mushrooms
Creekstone aged ribeye with beans trifolati

di Verdure (vegetable)

sweet onion crepe with white truffle
cauliflower flan with quail egg
Ribollita soup
spinach gnocchi with brown butter
almond tortellini with truffle sauce
risotto with Bluefoot mushroom, castelmagno

Dolce (dessert)

chocolate polenta souffle
lime soffiato with citrus salad
pistacchio flan with white chocolate gelato
apple fritters with cinnamon gelato
lemon poppyseed cake, red and yellow beet sorbet
piccolo pasticceria

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Tonight Vetri Goes All Prix Fixe All the Time