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The York Gets A Big-Screen Cameo in The Lincoln Lawyer

Photo: The Lincoln Lawyer

Remember last Wednesday, when actor Ryan Phillippe was talking all that crazy shite about the ‘gritty’ places he preferred to eat at in L.A.? Well, he didn’t quite make it out of Downtown, but at least The Lincoln Lawyer, the new movie he’s promoting, did. The Eastsider L.A. shows a quick clip of the film today in which William H. Macy, Marisa Tomei, and Matthew McConaughey shoot the breeze while drinking at Highland Park’s The York, the original watering hole to fuel this neighborhood’s gentrification invasion. Apparently, two days of shooting took place here last summer, during which the director even got a jaywalking ticket in between shooting the scene on this main drag. Let’s just hope the three actors skipped craft services for a day to eat some tacos at Huarache Azteca and browse the vintage soda stock at Galco’s. Watch The York’s feature film debut in the video clip below.

Highland Park bar gets a Hollywood close-up [The Eastsider L.A.]

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The York Gets A Big-Screen Cameo in The Lincoln Lawyer