The World’s Most Expensive Dishes; Angelenos Don’t All Scream For Breast Milk Ice Cream

• More fun with lists! Behold some of the world’s most expensive foods, including a $69 hot dog and a $180 sandwich. [Local 10]

• 66% of those polled by The L.A. Times would not eat breast milk ice cream. Come on L.A., where’s your sense of adventure? [LAT]

• California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is investigating SBE to see if there are liquor license violations occurring at Hyde and Industry. Gawd, ABC, you’re so not cool, didn’t you know Industry was shuttered. [NBC]

A Bronx Tale star Chazz Palminteri will open a restaurant in Baltimore called, appropriately Chazz: A Bronx Original. He must think if he does this in Baltimore no one will notice and make fun of him for the ridiculous name. [Luxist]

• In more SBE news, The SLS Miami will also have a location of Hyde and Katsuya. [Eater]

• An Oceanside restaurant named Bull Taco had what they thought was a Banksy piece on their exterior wall, but alas it’s a fake. [NC Times]

• Restaurant owner David Viens, who tried jumping to his death this week, has confessed to killing his wife, whose body is now being searched for among his restaurant. [AOL]

• After closing all 71 of its Japan-based stores in December 2009, Wendy’s is coming back to Tokyo. [Reuters]

• It’s usually pretty easy to feel superior to those mild-mannered, hockey-obsessed Canadians, but of course it turns out we Americans are fatter than our poutine-scarfing neighbors to the north. [Shots/NPR]

• Here’s a fun list of bizarro restaurants, including Holland’s Kinderkookkafé, where children cook and wait tables, and Ninja in New York, where waiters drop from the ceiling dressed in black. [Foodista]

• Actually, food is getting more costly overall: Global food prices rose 2.2 percent in February, reaching a record high. [WSJ]

• Heinz struck a deal to acquire an 80 percent stake in a leading Brazilian food company that makes packaged tomato products. [Businesswire]

The World’s Most Expensive Dishes; Angelenos Don’t All Scream For Breast Milk