Whoopie-Pie Wars Escalate!

A cause for concern.
A cause for concern. Photo: The Cooking of Joy

The war between Maine and Pennsylvania over the origins of the whoopie pie shows no signs of letting up. And efforts to reinforce claims of ownership this past weekend may have been a Tet Offensive moment in the escalating battle. To further the Pine Tree State’s assertions, a whoopie-pie-maker and a local radio station there whipped up the confections-equivalent of the U.S. military’s MOAB: a 1,000-plus-pound whoopie pie. This whopper of a whoopie was made to hit back at the 250-pound version that was baked last fall in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to reinforce locals’ claims that Amish whoopie-pie recipes date back more than a century.

In response to this weekend’s insurgency, Bird-in-Hand Bakery (it’s a Pennsylvania Dutch thing) is gearing up for a counter strike, rattling sabers with claims of an even bigger whoopie pie in the works. That’s all well and good until you think about it and realize that soon we’ll be reporting on a one-ton whoopie pie, which seems needless even to us.

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Whoopie-Pie Wars Escalate!