The New York Times Makes A Ludo-crous Judgment Call

Photo: Bravo

In a gushing love letter to former Top Chef dreamboat Sam Talbott that probably pissed a whole number of people off, New York Times writer Julia Chaplin lumps Ludo Lefebvre in with a group of chefs that have supposedly “coasted into culinary fame, less by grueling dues-paying, and more on their telegenic brand,” which includes show stars like the Voltaggio brothers, Fabio, and Marcel. Eater points out that the chef’s wife, Krissy Lefebvre, isn’t taking that shit sitting down and either are we.

Today Mrs. Lefebvre tweets, “Chk ur facts Julia Chapman-don’t think the “dues paying” gets anymore “grueling” than @chefludo’s 13 yrs in French kitchens,” not forgetting to add the chef’s hash tag in her rage that Chaplin ignores the years apprenticing in France, the executive positions at L.A.’s L’Orangerie and Bastide, and the aching Twitter fingers that helped launch their pop-up to the top. New York Times, please.

So, Hell, while she’s at it, we’re also sticking up for the brothers Volt, knowing that both chefs have been cooking since they were teens and long apprenticed with Charlie Palmer. The younger Voltaggio was quietly rocking people at The Bazaar and The Langham before ever hitting the small screen and hardly ever puts his fame before his cooking, despite dominating his entire screen-sucking competition with ease. As for Marcel, we’ll leave his defense to some bigger fan out there…somewhere. [Eater]

The New York Times Makes A Ludo-crous Judgment Call