Menu Changes

Tasty Baking Co. Wants to Supersize Adsum’s Kandy Kake Sliders

Supersize me!
Supersize me! Photo: Adsum

Tasty Baking Company executives told Matt Levin last night that they want to push their R&D; to come up with giant peanut butter Kandy Kakes to upgrade his sliders to a full size hamburger. That was after they stopped in Adsum for a taste of his infamous stoner-licious creation that sandwiches a meaty ground brisket patty between two of their regular sized snack cakes. “The one guy told me that if eating them requires him doing 20 more minutes on the treadmill, he doesn’t give a shit,” Levin told Grub Street. “They liked them and they’re going to dedicate a page on their website to me, the dish and the recipe and everything.”

Levin says that he will keep the Kandy Kake sliders on his menu for about another six weeks, at which point he plans to present the financially troubled Tasty Baking Co. with a check to help offset their funding woes. Since putting the sliders on Adsum’s menu, he’s been earmarking a dollar from each order sold to donate to the company.

While waiting for the supersized Kandy Kakes to materialize, Levin is busying himself with menu changes. This week he’s added spiced foie gras tres leches, and pork belly, bananas, green curry, lobster and vanilla cream soda to the menu. Next week he plans to introduce as many as ten new dishes, including sweetbreads with Spam, spinach and peanuts.

Tasty Baking Co. Wants to Supersize Adsum’s Kandy Kake Sliders