Taqueria Chihuahua Could Be On The Run If Walgreens Gets Its Way

We’re not big fans of their tacos, but we’d take one of Taqueria Chihuahua’s lengua burritos any day over another Walgreen’s. Nonetheless, Santa Monica Mirror reports that the business might be forced out of its building by the corporate drug store as it plans a new location at Lincoln and Pico. Chihuahua, opened on Olympic 1974 by a native of the Mexican state of the same name, was originally called Lucy’s, which changed given the popularity of the Lucy’s chain. Now the business is owned by the founder’s sons, relocating in 2007 from a different Pico address, with its fans in pursuit.

While loyal diners are calling the potential forced move a shame, the saddest words on the subject come from owner Mario Banda, who admits relocating will be a big challenge and says in defeat, “it looks like big business is probably going to win.” He forgot to add an “again” in there, we think.

For all of Santa Monica’s talk about going local at the farmer’s market, it’s a disgrace to see family businesses tossed aside for a drug store, especially one within five minute’s reach of two other locations. And here we thought it was just the SMPD who hated Walgreen’s latest advance.

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Taqueria Chihuahua Could Be On The Run If Walgreens Gets Its Way