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Restaurants Cut Back (and Contribute) in Face of Japan Crisis

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Though it’s been reported that the crisis in Japan won’t much affect food supply here since we import so little from the country (and both U.S. and Japanese regulators are inspecting food), radiation concerns are causing a few hiccups. The Observer reports that the Park Slope and Ditmas Coops have run out of iodine tablets (popular among those with thyroid disorders) as well as Japanese-style seaweed products (another source of iodine, which is said to prevent radiation poisoning). But don’t worry, according to Ann Coulter, radiation does the body good! Meanwhile, the Feast checks in with sushi restaurants across the country to find out how they’re adjusting.

Some, like San Diego’s Azuki Sushi, have stopped importing from the country altogether, others have stopped importing from the north (Sushi Yasuda is cutting back on Japanese sea urchin) and Sushi Azabu has actually seen prices drop owing to restaurant closings in Japan. If you want to help the cause, Eater, Gothamist, and High/Low/Food/Drink have rounded up some relief-minded restaurant specials.

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Restaurants Cut Back (and Contribute) in Face of Japan Crisis