Slim’s NIMBY Gets Hers; Air France Launches Food Truck, Sort Of

• Remember how Slim’s had their liquor license suspended over a noise complaint from a NIMBY neighbor? Well, SF Weekly has gone ahead and exposed that neighbor and published an open letter excoriating her. The bar reopens tonight, btw. [SF Weekly, Earlier]

Top Chef alum Erik Hopfinger, who’s been consulting up at Long Bar over the changes there, is also reworking the food at The Republic. [Scoop]

• An Orange County chef has been serving free pasta dinners to “motel kids” and their families living a step ahead homelessness, out of motels near Disneyland. [Eatocracy]

• Yes, it’s just a shill tactic by Air France, but if you can’t afford to fly them, you’re in New York, and you want to sample some of the food Joel Robuchon created for the airline, there’s a food truck roaming Manhattan for the next few days. [Bon App]

• Some benevolent (and possibly crazy) fellow literally made it rain dollar bills at a Boston Starbucks. But people at Starbucks don’t need money — why didn’t he choose a Taco Bell or something? [Urlesque]

• Hotel chains are increasingly making it easier to eat healthy by posting calorie counts and providing wholesome foods like yogurt and oatmeal. Great, now while on vacation we can’t even pretend not to know how fattening that cheesecake is! [USAT]

• A California program called Sembrando Salud (sowing health) is focused on teaching farm workers healthier lifestyle habits, like getting vegetable-growers to actually eat vegetables. [Good]

Slim’s NIMBY Gets Hers; Air France Launches Food Truck, Sort Of