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What Will Michael Bao Do Next?

Jauntily decked out for
Jauntily decked out for “Stern & Bao.” Photo: Mary-Louise Price; Photos: Patrick McMullan, iStockphoto

We’ve grown accustomed to Michael “Bao” Hyunh’s endless restaurant openings and ridiculous Bao-themed names, but Eater’s news about the upcoming Bao & Buny, a fried-chicken and waffles joint he’ll supposedly open with Playboy bunny Nicole Van Croft, is the restaurateur’s most Bao-zarro plan yet. Along with Mikey’s Burger, d.o.b.111, and Pho Sure, the he’s also got Baotique, Bao Noodles, Baoguette, Baorrito (which is moving to St. Marks), and coming soon, BarBao! The guy’s got to be running out of ideas! So as a service to him, we’ve got some thoughts about what his next restaurant or five could be called. As always, feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments.

Bao & Arrow: Hunting-themed decor with a menu featuring all wild foods.

Stern & Bao: Nautical knickknacks and eclectic bar snacks give the Rusty Knot a run for its money.

East-Bao’nd and Down: North Carolina whole-hog barbecue.

Take a Bao: Asian-fusion interactive dinner theater!

Bao Tie: Hyunh’s most upscale spot, with $24 “white label” bánh mì. Dress code, obviously.

Baodello: Bao’s small-plates redo of Robert’s Steakhouse in the Penthouse Executive Club.

Bao Bao Black Sheep: A Scottish-style gastropub and Scotch lounge.

Out of Baonds: Midtown sports bar, naturally.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bao: Chef Alex Guarnaschelli will collaborate on this one.

On the Baoery: A weekly changing pop-up restaurant … on the Bowery!

Baohemian Rhapsody: Combination music venue and hookah bar.

Baohouse: Doesn’t matter what this one offers. We just want to see Eddie Huang’s reaction!

What Will Michael Bao Do Next?