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Sebo Is Getting More (Non-Radioactive) Fish Than Expected Out of Japan

One of the more vlog-obsessed characters at SF Gate, Zennie Abraham, grabbed a few minutes with Susan Schuster, who works the line at Hayes Valley sushi place Sebo, to ask about radiation and Japanese fish exports. Schuster says that while destroyed boats and infrastructure damages following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan are affecting the sushi supply, the nuclear disaster actually means more fish for the outside world, since electricity has been a problem over there. “We expected not to get any fish this week, [but within Japan] they’re having to use rolling blackouts which means there’s [less] refrigeration available. So if they have beautiful fish, they’re letting it out, they’re sending it across the world.”

Also, she assures Zennie, that the fish Sebo’s getting out of Japan is from waters nowhere near the nuclear disaster, so radiation fears aren’t an issue. Yet.

Sebo will be scheduling some benefit dinners for Japan soon, which they’ll announce on Twitter.

Japan Earthquake Radiation, And Fish: Sebo Sushi Restaurant San Francisco’s Susan Schuster [Zennie62/SF Gate]

Sebo Is Getting More (Non-Radioactive) Fish Than Expected Out of Japan