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Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson Canoodle at Chateau; Dave Chappelle Grubs at Gladstone’s

Let’s play make-believe for a second. You’re a huge celebrity with all eyes on your every move. You want a quiet, low-profile date with another celebrity. Where do you go? Probably anywhere but ‘effing Chateau Marmont, where everyone expects you to be!! So it went this week, as Sean Penn had another close range outing with Scarlett Johansson at this Hollywood hotspot, fueling more rumors that these two are bridging the generation gap..in bed. Oh well, she is so lovely and also, ahem, fair game these days. In a similar, less star-powered, less talented scenario, Eva Longoria refused to keep the kisses at Beso, opting instead to molest her new boyfriend in front of everyone at a Chateau Marmont lunch. No Eva, you’re only supposed to act desperate on the show. While we again attempt to get that pudgy fry cook at In-N-Out to slide us some digits, check out where else celebrities have been slurping on food, and each other, in this week’s celebrity settings.

Beso: Eva Longoria continues to eat at Beso, everyone else be damned. [Celebrity Gossip]

Boa: Vanessa Hudgens and pal Brittany Snow celebrated the latter’s birthday at the steakhouse. [People]

Breadbar: Kim Kardashian had lunch here, while her sister Kourtney shopped. Later, Kourtney met up with her moms at Nate N’ Al. [Celebrity Gossip]

California Chicken Café: After leaving the restaurant, Miley Cyrus leapt to the defense of her mom after a cameraman allegedly bumped her with a camera. Like, I guess that’s not pretty cool. [Examiner]

Chateau Marmont: Sean Penn and ScoJo had a friendly dinner together. How friendly? This story is still developing, we figure. [People]

Chateau Marmont: Ryan Seacrest came for dinner with some friends, which didn’t include girlfriend Julianne Hough. After having some drinks, he bailed. [People]

Chateau Marmont: Besa me mucho! Eva Longoria smooched new flame Eduardo Cruz over a late lunch and some iced tea, throwing discretion to the wind. [People]

Chateau Marmont
: The Town actor Jeremy Renner had a serious conversation with some friends into the wee hours. maybe they were planning a heist? [People]

Craig’s: Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe enjoyed dinner together despite her insistence that the two aren’t romantically linked. [Just Jared]

: Dave Chapelle and Chris Tucker had lunch with oysters and mojitos with Tucker’s family for Chris’s birthday. You know some funny things were said at this table, but hopefully Tucker never once asked, “Do you see the stuff that is going into my mouth?!” [Grub Street]

Gladstones: Zach Braff was also eating there the next day. He ate lobster and fish and chips. When asked why he wasn’t drinking, he explained he had to drive his “two goddesses.” It’d be funnier if Zach Galifiniakis said it. [Grub Street]

Fig & Olive
: Real HousewifeLisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd came to the debut of this olive oil-invested restaurant last week and ate with Richard Galy, the Mayor of Mougins. [People]

Katuysa: Lindsay Lohan ate dinner with her sister, Ali, who should probably take all of the advice her big sister is giving her and feed it to the family dog. [People]

Le Pain Quotidien: Arnold “Ah-nuhld” Schwarzenegger stopped in to the Brentwood location this morning. [Grub Street]

Lucques: Sofia Vergara came for dinner with a friend. [Celebrity Gossip]

Mozza: Nothing can separate Christina Aguilera from her Mozza. At least she got a chauffeur this time around, after eating here on Friday. [Just Jared]

Pizzicoto: Halle Berry and her boyfriend Olivier Martinez biked around Brentwood and made a stop here for lunch of pasta and salads. [People]

The Parlour: Zac Efron stopped by for some beer pong. Seriously. [People]

Urth Caffe: Rumer Willis had an early bite before joining Ashton Kutcher on a jog in Runyon Canyon. [People]

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson Canoodle at Chateau; Dave Chappelle Grubs at