Say Hello to Cafe Con Leche’s Little Brick-And-Mortar

Photo: Cafe con leche via Facebook

Exciting developments are in the works for two local food trucks. The Valley’s Patty Wagon is planning a second truck, this time to serve the Westside with their 100% grass-fed burgers and sustainable sliders. Expect the second truck to start running in March. Also, Cafe con Leche, the Cuban food truck that’s been cruising the city for about six months, is going brick and mortar in Sherman Oaks. We spoke to a co-owner who tells us the project is going into a small storefront on Ventura Blvd. for a soft-opening in about a week or two. The business is staffed mostly by Cubans and Cuban-Americans from Miami and will feature the truck’s same menu at a restaurant that will be a shrine to Manolo Ribera, the slick sidekick to Tony Montana in Scarface known as Manny. So, what will be served here?

Sorry kids, huge plates of pure Bolivian booger-sugar are out of the question, but they might have a can or two of Cafe Bustelo. An owner tells us that, in addition to the menu found on Cafe con Leche’s truck, we can expect daily specials like arroz con pollo and vaca frita, while an off-menu special will be “Ya Tu Sabe,” a recipe utilizing plantains, pork, cheese, and tomatoes. They are also especially proud of a creation called “the Curepa,” which takes the ordinary arepa so crucial to the Colombian and Venezuelan diet and Cubanizes it with pickles, cheese, and other ingredients. Sounds pretty good. But just heed Michelle Pfeiffer’s warning to Tony: “Nothing exceeds like excess.”

Cafe de Leche, 15053 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks.

Say Hello to Cafe Con Leche’s Little Brick-And-Mortar