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Ryan Phillippe ‘Discovers’ Gritty L.A. Eateries You’ve Already Eaten At

Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillippe “discovering” Amanda Seyfried’s thigh at The Oaks Gourmet Photo: Mimosveta via Flickr

In the course of tracking celebrity dining habits in L.A., we’ve caught Ryan Phillippe having a bite at Craig’s, Tart, and Joan’s on Third and enjoying drinks at Teddy’s. So far, a fairly typical dining path for a hungry celeb. But today the actor is singing a different tune to Music Rooms, sounding off the “gritty” “undiscovered gems” that make him love L.A., which like many of us, he feels is misrepresented in all those movies that get made here. So where are Phillippe’s favorite spots and might a Hollywood star actually offer some insider knowledge about chilaquiles in Cudahy or rendang in Rosemead?

Of course not! Ryan is still treading familiar ground here, extolling the virtues of such “undiscovered gems” as Wurstkuche, which draws longer lines than any movie premier we’ve seen. Phillippe loves their rattlesnake and rabbit sausages and well, so does everybody else. His other big discovery? Nickel Diner, which he says has “all these crazy donut flavours and stuff.” The actor admits that after fifteen years in town, he hasn’t really be in Downtown much, but he is falling in love with it.

Oh well, at least it’s a start just to see celebrities venturing from STK and Katsuya to sample the great spots that Downtown has to offer. Maybe one day they’ll even cross the river or at least “discover” Rivera.

Ryan Phillippe: I love gritty LA eateries [Music Rooms]

Ryan Phillippe ‘Discovers’ Gritty L.A. Eateries You’ve Already Eaten At