Ruth Reichl Hearts Curtis Stone — and Her New Job!

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Today KQED has a coy but semi-candid interview with Ruth Reichl, in which she hints at the “food magazine of my dreams” that she’s currently working on for Gilt Groupe, though she doesn’t mention the brand specifically. She also says she was “getting a job offer a day” back in ‘09, but held out for this plum gig. Of course, that’s not all she’s up to.

She’ll be juggling that job along with a cookbook, an almost-completed novel, and a new memoir about the waning days of Gourmet, all to be published by Random House. Speaking of Gourmet, how does Reichl feel about that Gourmet Live app? “I’m not going to say. It is what it is.”

And let’s not forget that she’ll be serving as a judge on the upcoming season of Top Chef Masters: “I was kind of curious about how reality shows worked and it seemed like a learning experience.” And what did she think of the show’s new host, Curtis Stone? “[He] is so good looking, you’d think he had to be an idiot. But he’s so smart and has a heart of gold … He’s totally for real.” She says Stone even insisted on cooking for the crew after the show wrapped, which is something we can’t really imagine his predecessor Kelly Choi doing.

Life After Gourmet is Good: A Chat With Ruth Reichl [Bay Area Bites/KQED]
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Ruth Reichl Hearts Curtis Stone — and Her New Job!