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Details on Roberta’s Under-the-Radar Prix Fixe

Mirarchi serves a roast duck.
Mirarchi serves a roast duck. Photo: Courtesy Pocketfork

If you haven’t been able to get a reservation to the Meat Hook’s bizarro brunch, we’ve learned that Roberta’s is the latest cult-favorite Brooklyn establishment with an under-the-radar prix fixe. Executive chef and co-owner Carlo Mirarchi tells us he only does about six or eight of the dinners each month, and he starts them at 5:30, since “literally I cook for one table the entire night,” and it can take diners till midnight to get through the dozen-plus courses. “Usually I’ll contact them and figure out allergies, likes and dislikes,” he says. “What I like about it is that it’s very personal.”

Since the undertaking is so labor intensive, Mirarchi caps parties at four max, and prices start at $120 a head for food, with wine and beer pairings additional. “It’s in the same sort of spirit, it’s just a little bit more fun to do this in the sequence of a tasting menu,” Mirarchi tells us. Recent prix-fixe dinners have included dishes like live scallop with tangerine, coppa di testa and pickled onions, sea urchin pasta, and sixteen-day-aged roasted duck (read about one such epic meal here). While the menu doesn’t typically include pizza, those who can’t head to that particular corner of Bushwick without hankering for a pie aren’t ignored, Mirarchi says: “Sometimes I’ll do a cheese course as a pizza.”

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Details on Roberta’s Under-the-Radar Prix Fixe