Rising Food Costs Leading to Poverty; Man Shot Last Night at Palms Wendy’s

• Not to say we told you so or anything, but German spots are officially the “in” and “hot” thing in L.A., as per The L.A. Times. [LAT]

• Eating at the Redondo Pier and can’t tell the difference between Hama Hamas and Kumamotos? Have no fear, there’s a new iPhone App for oyster fans that rank their salinity and describe their characteristics. [LAT]

• According to the World Bank, soaring food costs have thrust 44 million people into extreme poverty. [USA Today]

• A domestic disturbance call lead to a police-involved shooting last night at The Wendy’s in Palms. [KABC]

• The owner of North Hollywood restaurant Chiba, Shigekazu Chiba, is among the many Japanese Angelenos who are mourning for relatives lost and deceased in Japan. [LAT]

• The Palm restaurant has officially been purchased by Goldstein Planting Investments, which is unliekly to affect the restaurant’s operation. [WeHo News]

• Have food trucks gotten too trendy for their own good? With uncool restaurants like Jack in the Box joining the wheels brigade, perhaps so. [NRN]

• The European Parliament is “deadlocked” in decisions about how to regulate the use of cloned animals for food. Proponents are looking into cloning themselves to generate more votes. [Reuters]

• Here’s an article that sheds some additional light on the causes behind rising food prices, including speculation and growing affluence; also, your restaurant bill isn’t immune to these costs. [USAT, WalletPop/AOL]

• And some will undoubtedly get rich from the food crisis: “Those looking for the next big bankable idea should park their money in companies that deal with resources in tight supply and growing demand such as food and water, according to participants in the Reuters Global Food and Agriculture Summit … ” [Reuters]

• Following all the beefin’ over its beef a few months back, surveys show Taco Bell has rebounded in the public opinion. How quickly we forget! [NRN]

Rising Food Costs Leading to Poverty; Man Shot Last Night at Palms Wendy’s