PETA Makes a Funny In Re: The Tenderloin; French Vegan Couple Charged in Death of Infant

• PETA, those crazy jokesters, think that the fact San Francisco has a neighborhood called the “Tenderloin” is cruel… because it reminds people of meat. They wrote an open letter to Mayor Lee asking him to rename it the Tempeh District. We can’t make this stuff up. [SFist]

• A roundup of old-timey S.F. steak-and-seafood houses, like Tadich Grill and John’s Grill. [Appetizers/SacBee]

• The Giants’ Cody Ross really likes Gary Danko, the Marina. [7x7]

• Have you heard? Elixir is doing a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar on weekends that they’re calling their “vodka salad bar.” [Mission Mission]

• A French couple following a vegan diet who only gave their baby daughter vitamin-deficient breast milk are being charged in the infant’s death. [Breitbart]

• A battle is afoot in Colorado where, like in four other states, the law prevents high-alcohol beers (defined as over 4% ABV) from being sold in convenience stores. Beer makers want to stop having their higher alcohol (and better) product relegated to liquor stores. [WSJ]

• Now, not just plastic bottles but canned foods are targeted as sources of Bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical linked to various cancers. It’s okay, you just have to avoid canned soup, beans, coconut milk, fish … so, pretty much everything. [Greenspace/LAT]

• German discount grocer Aldi is quietly expanding in urban markets in the U.S., with small-format stores that largely have private label products. Trader Joe’s, didn’t you know, is owned by a family trust connected to Aldi. [NYT]

• European Parliament’s talks about banning cloned-animal products collapsed owing to disagreement. So, good news: The next time you’re in Europe you can still get in on that cloned-pig sausage! [NYT]

• A new chemical has been discovered that blocks bitter flavors, leading to this insidious state of affairs: “[F]ood manufacturers are interested in using chemicals that interfere with the taste receptors on the tongue, leaving them temporarily unable to detect unpleasant flavors.” [MSNBC]

PETA Makes a Funny In Re: The Tenderloin; French Vegan Couple Charged in Death