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Perch Becomes An Instant Must in Downtown

Photo: Perch

The founders of The Mus, according to Black Book, already have one of L.A.’s hottest new bars on their hands, even though it’s not going to open for a few more months. Well that was almost easy! Coly Den Haan and Rachel Thomas, who were evicted from their popular Downtown restaurant and wine bar last July under strange and possibly sheisty circumstances, are opening a three-floor restaurant and rooftop lounge called Perch in the neighborhood’s Pershing Square Building.

The spot will open early this summer with a bit of a Francophile angle , including French standards with a little U.S. tweaking by executive chef Benjamin Udave, once found cooking at The Jonathan Club in Santa Monica. But the top draw is clearly going to be the rooftop lounge, fifteen stories above the street and apparently, not as fussy in its admissions policy as The Standard. There won’t even be a dress code, which, if you haven’t read, can be kinda dangerous around here these days.

Perch, 448 South Hill St. Downtown.

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Perch Becomes An Instant Must in Downtown