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Patrons Evacuated From Small Flood at Duke’s Malibu

Was paddling out of there an option?
Was paddling out of there an option? Photo: Dieter Karner via Flickr

Patrons of Duke’s Malibu are into the “Surf’s Up!” vibe over there, but last night, 30 had to be evacuated while the restaurant experienced a small flood. According to Malibu Times, last night’s flash flood warnings preceded a nightmare scenario of PCH closures and possible road collapses. Among the troubles, the steep incline of Las Flores Road became a torrent of rushing water that lead directly to Duke’s and its neighbors. At about 7:00 P.M., roughly 30 people enjoying their tropical drinks and surf ‘n turf here had to be evacuated, with one guest reporting a small wave of brown water entering the restaurant and Pepperdine Graphic acknowledging one to two feet of mud and water standing in the parking lot.

Firefighters from L.A. arrived to unclog drains and clear the calf-deep water from the restaurant. We spoke with staff at Duke’s this morning, who tell us the restaurant will not be open today, but that they are furiously working to get back open as early as possible this week. With more rain predicted today and later this week, the first days of spring are unfortunately, not quite beach weather just yet, even though a few intrepid flood watchers were boogie-boarding down Las Flores, according to Duke’s staff, who expect that more rains could cause the same issue all over again.

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Patrons Evacuated From Small Flood at Duke’s Malibu