Is Restaurant Week Worth Its Salt?

It's lunch-only at L'Espalier.
It’s lunch-only at L’Espalier. Photo: L’Espalier

If it’s March it must be Restaurant Week. Actually make that Restaurant Weeks, since the discounted prix-fixe lunches and dinners last through the next 14 days, until March 18th. But, is it worth even the cheap seats?

As Donna Garlough points out in Boston, Restaurant Week used to mean the opportunity to dine on food that was otherwise unattainable (read: unaffordable). But as already reasonably priced neighborhood joints get in on the action and the classier haunts offer ubiquitous salmon, Restaurant Week may be seen as a bit of a bore by some.

Choose wisely though and the lower priced meals (two-courses lunches are $15.11, three-course lunches are $20.11, and three-course dinners are priced at $30.11) are well worth the money, not to mention the fun of it all. If you can get a spot at Oishii Boston (which only offers lunch at the promo rates) bets are you’ll be quite content, tickled to be eating what most mortals simply can’t afford for a midweek lunch.

Restaurant Week does exclude Saturday nights, although some restaurants choose to continue the deals even then. For a complete listing of participating restaurants check out the official web site here.

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Is Restaurant Week Worth Its Salt?