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Nebo Sisters Ride Zucchini to Success

Photo: Melissa Hom

The North End’s Nebo was featured on Throwdown With Bobby Flay last night, and sisters Carla and Christine Pallotta whipped up a veggie lasagna that put him to shame. More ahead.

The Herald reports that Flay’s lasagna featured bechamel, mushrooms, sage, and noodles. It was no match for the Pallotta sisters’ version, which employed fried zucchini pasta (subbed in for noodles) and homemade ricotta.

Irony is, one of the sisters doesn’t even like the dish. But like the Rolling Stones will forever sing “Satisfaction” and people only remember Matt LeBlanc as the goofy studmuffin on Friends, sometimes you just need to give your adoring public what they want.

Which is why, according to Stuff, Carla told the lasagna-loathing Christine to can it. “I tell her to shut up. ‘Zucchini will make you famous,’” she said at the time.

Case in point: Vegetables really are good for you.

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Nebo Sisters Ride Zucchini to Success