Michael Symon Discovers That Angelenos Are Carnivores Too

Photo: Lola Bistro

New Venice local Michael Symon keeps saying he is not opening a restaurant in L.A. But Feast keeps pushing him and it looks like the chef might eventually spring something on the city if he finds the right place (he admits that he and his wife admit have been looking). Symon tells Feast all about the restaurant he’s not opening and what it would hypothetically serve if he did indeed come our way. He says he’d love to do a informal place like the kind they have in Cleveland with 50 beers on tap and a smokehouse for bacon and meat. The chef allows that he’s expanding his burger concept in Cleveland, but if he was branching out to another city, it’d be our own. But first, Symon has a few stereotypes that he’s slowly learning to ditch.

Dude had been warned by his circle that his meat-centric cooking would not fly in La-La Land where, of course, we all subsist on a diet of bottled oxygen water and the occasional handful of flax seeds rolled in a lettuce leaf when we’re famished. But then, surprise surprise, he catered a party and the crowd of strange, shiny Angelenos took to the pork belly and beef cheeks before eating the quinoa. GASP!

Of course, he has heard of Animal before, but the guy’s new in town, so we probably have to forgive him his ignorance about L.A.’s carnivorous ways. Anyway, 50 beers work and we always have room for another burger and maybe a little more room for more bacon. Here’s just hoping he names the smokehouse “Hello Cleveland.”

Michael Symon Thinks L.A. Can Handle a Smokehouse and 50 Beers on Tap [Feast]

Michael Symon Discovers That Angelenos Are Carnivores Too