Mel Brooks, Chainsaws, and Lunch Mark ‘Quiet’ Opening at Il Covo

Chef Maggioni
Chef Maggioni Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Guest of a Guest drops a little bombshell that Sean MacPherson quietly opened his restaurant Il Covo in the old Orso space about two weeks ago. The mohair booths sound suitably pimp-ish in this Spanish villa of tiled staircases and fireplaces set off with rustic mirrors and a painted ceiling, and it already sounds like Mel Brooks is a fan, unless he thought he was still eating at Orso. Chef Roberto Maggioni, formerly at Locanda del Lago, is currently serving a preview of his lunch menu right now, but you might want to wait until this thing gets completely grand-opened.

Apparently, lunch is served with a side of chainsaws cutting through the calm while construction continues on a garden space. So if you have to be the first to go to every restaurant, you’ve been warned. Otherwise, you just might want to wait until Leatherface exits the building.

Il Covo, 8706 W Third St. West Hollywood.

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Mel Brooks, Chainsaws, and Lunch Mark ‘Quiet’ Opening at Il Covo