L.A.’s O.G. Farm-To-Table Finally Goes Farm-To-Glass

For one of the original farm-to-table restaurants, Michael’s has been a little slow to jump on the farm-to-shaker cocktail trend. So the Santa Monica restaurant is bringing in Jason Robey, the noted mixologist from D.C.’s New Heights and Hollywood’s Les Deux (and possibly a position at Death & Co’s coming L.A. depot). Robey is growing his own herbs and fruit in a rooftop garden at Michael McCarty’s Santa Monica place and this Friday, he’ll combine his harvest with some farmers market goods to unveil a new list of garden-directed cocktails like a Bols Genever, cynar, and lemon avocado honey Schipol Layover and a Karai Karai with jalapeno and red pepper simple sugar, lemon, cilantro, grapefruit, Yamasaki 12-year single-malt, and chipotle Tabasco. The drinks come in at $12 a piece and will be offered with bar bites like duck prosciutto and foie gras sliders. Check out the full menu of Michael’s new libations below.

Michael’s Farm-to-Glass Cocktails ($12)

Schipol Layover - Bols Genever Gin, Cynar, Lemon Avocado Honey

Mary Rose - Cranberry/Ginger-infused Tito’s Vodka, Lime, Vanilla Simple Syrup, Charred Rosemary

Big Red Hat - Lavender, Yellow Chartreuse, Cava Antigua Reposado Tequila, Lime, Lemon Clove Simple Syrup, Grapefruit Foam

Karai Karai - Jalapeño/Red Bell Pepper Simple, Lemon, Cilantro, Jalapeño, Grapefruit, Yamasaki 12-Year Single Malt, Chipotle Tabasco

Regional Export - Lemon Juice, Vanilla Simple Syrup, House Orgeat, Kelt VSOP, Noah’s Mill Kentucky Bourbon, Egg White, Angostura Bitters

L.A.’s O.G. Farm-To-Table Finally Goes Farm-To-Glass