The Other Critics

Kennett’s Wood-Fired Pizzas Are ‘Works in Progress’; IHOP’s Chicken and Waffles Are ‘Low Brow But Tasty’

• Craig LaBan likes what he sees on Kennett’s “smartly chosen” beer list, says the wood fired pizzas are “still works in progress,” and the stewed pig’s head terrine a “wonderful grisly mosaic of crunchy, chewy, intensely flavorful pork parts suspended in herbaceous meat jelly.” [Inquirer]

Bistrot La Minette’s beef Bourguignon was “was pure comfort” for Adam Erace, and the cassoulet “really delivered.” [Courier-Post]

• The pork at Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse is “obviously delicious,” the ribs “good” but “nothing too crazy,” and the brisket “rich, flavor-packed and not too fatty.” [Philly Phoodie]

• Midtown Lunch orders chicken and waffles at IHOP and get what they expect, a “low brow but tasty version” of the heavy comforting breakfast. [Midtown Lunch]

Kennett’s Wood-Fired Pizzas Are ‘Works in Progress’;