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Jordan Sauter’s ‘Slammers’ Are Kind of Like Sliders With Balls

Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant
Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant Photo: Courtesy Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant

Jordan “Red” Sauter, chef at Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant, hates sliders and believes the ubiquitous miniature sandwich’s time is up. “They’re a dead animal and people just keep beating at them,” Sauter told Grub Street. “I don’t like them because, you get like one bite and it’s like ‘Where’s the rest of my sandwich?’” To help put an end to tiny sandwich’s reign, Sauter is rolling out today what he calls “slammers,” which are larger than a slider but not quite as big as a regular sandwich. And since today is National Pig Day, the first batch will feature roasted suckling pig, “monstrously thick cut” bacon and a roasted garlic and porcini mushroom mayonnaise.

“The slammer came about when I was a young cook working at Rembrandt’s,” Sauter explained. “When busy we would have like two minutes between orders to run off, grab something to eat, wash up and get back on line.”

Typically what was around in the kitchen that he could stuff inside a dinner roll, he said was what he used to make his slammers.

“So it would always end up being things like cheese, bacon and butter,” Sauter said with a laugh.

He adds that his little sandwiches are different from sliders because “they have balls, and provide more than a bite or two.” Between 12 noon and 1 p.m. today, Sauter is offering his roasted suckling pig slammers for free. After that they’re $3 a piece.

Jordan Sauter’s ‘Slammers’ Are Kind of Like Sliders With Balls